The Wattle Sunsparks on the Banks of Coolbunbim Creek
Suzette Saint-Claire, June 2001
Winter Story

There once was a beautiful bushland garden. Many creatures lived here by the banks of Coolbunbim Creek. All through the long hot summer days, the bushland creatures would play and play.

In the summer garden wild flowers grow
Sunbeam dancers come to pay with
Bushland creatures to and fro.
In the summer garden sunbeam dancers play
From tree to tree they dance and sing with
Bushland creatures everyday.

One game that all the bushland creatures loved to play with the sunbeam dancers was hide and seek. Possum would hide inside his favourite log where he was sure the sunfairies would not find him. And then ...

Possum creep out, Sun fairies shout!
We see you, we see you, come out! Some out!
We see you, we see you, come out!

Platypus also liked to lay this game. He would dive down deep beneath the sparkling waters of Coolbunbim creek where sunfairies could not find him.

Platypus swims in the creek
Down he dives into the deep
Oh so gentle and so meek
Swimming in Coolbunbim Creek.

Early one winter morning, Wallaby woke up and wanted to play the hide and seek game with the sunbeam dancers. He found a good hiding spot behind a log

Wallaby hides behind the log, early morning misty fog
Sunfairies where have you gone today,
Come out and find me, let us play!

But on that winter morning the sunfairies didn’t come looking for their bushland friend. In fact they came much later than usual, and only stayed to play for a little while.

All the creatures gathered together by the banks of Coolbunbim Creek. Wallaby, Possum, Platypus.
Kookaburra sat in the highest branch of the wattle tree and heard what they did say
“Where are those bright little sundancers hiding? Has Father Sun sent them away. The days grow cool and shorter. Not so many come to our bushland to play.”

That night, all the bushland creatures snuggled back into their cosy homes. As they slept they dreamt of golden summer days.

Kookaburra wondered what he could do to help. As the last rays of twilight crept away from the evening sky Kookaburra called out to Father Sun to ask for help.

As Kookaburra slept that night he had a dream. In his dream he saw a beautiful Palace where King Winter lived. In the palace, he saw that many of the sunfairies had gone there to rest for aw hile.

The sunfairies spoke to him in his dream:

“One day we will return, to bring back Summer warmth and shine.
For now, we will rest a little while in King Winter’s Palace so fine.
When you wake in the morning, a gift you will see
from Father Sun – on the wattle tree.
A gift of golden light, to brighten winter days.
Reminding you that summer time will soon be on its way.:

When Kookaburra woke up the next morning, a wonderful surprise greeted him. Thousands of golden wattle sun sparks were sprinkled all over the bushland trees. His heart was filled with joy at this beautiful sight. So much so that he laughed out loud – waking up all the other bushland creatures.

The bushland creatures gathered, wallaby, possum, and platypus too. As they watched the little wattle suns brightly glowing on the trees, all was still and quiet.

Then softly, softly through the trees, there came along a gentle breeze.
With sunbeam dancers on the wind they offered up a song to sing.

“As Winter Days grow short and dark
We’ll leave you with a little spark –
To brighten up your winter days
You’ll see that summer is not too far away!”

Notes about this Story
Coolbunbim Creek is the name of the creek that crosses Silkwood School, Mt Nathan, Gold Coast

For props have a row of sunfairies hanging from  a dowel – bright yellow ones for the start of the story, and pale yellow ones for when the light is dwindling.

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