The Three Little Kittens
Adapted by Kim Preston
Categories: Traditional, Repetitive, Winter, Playgroup

Once upon a time, there were four cats living in a little house. One ... two ...three ... four. The biggest was Mother Cat, and the rest were her three little kittens. Now, one cold day, Mother Cat was busy at work in her kitchen, but her three little kittens were running about in between her paws, and playing in the flour bowl, and tipping up the pots and pans, making it very hard for Mothe Cat to get any work done.

At last, she got quite cross and said:

“Go out and play, you mischievous kittens.
But the wind is cold, so put on your mittens.”

They scampered off across the grass, in and out of the bushes they rushed. They chased each other’s tails, they chased the falling leaves, Until at last they heard Mother Cat call:

“Little kittens, little kittens, wherever you roam,
Your dinner is ready, it’s time to come home.”

The three little kittens were hungry, so they happily raced each other to the kitchen door, but when they got there, they looked at their paws ... oh ... dear ....

The three little kittens, they lost their mittens, and they began to cry:
“Oh Mother dear, we sadly fear, our mittens we have lost.”
“What, lost your mitten? You naughty kittens, then you shall have no pie!”
“miaow, miaow, miaow!”

The three little kittens sadly went back out into the garden with their tails drooping low. They searched high ... and low ... everywhere a kitten could go. When at last:

The three little kittens, they found their mittens, and they began to cry:
“Oh, Mother dear, see here, see here, our mittens we have found!”
“What, found your mittens? You good little kittens,
Now you may have your pie!”
“Miaow, miaow, miaow!”

Notes on the Story: I wrote this story to tell using the simple knitted cats. I used mohair wool, and made the kittens in white, tan, and darker tan, and the mother using all three strands and added a few extra stitched to the body and head of the pattern. The mother need not be TOO much bigger than the kittens. I resisted the temptation to make mittens! – Kim Preston

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