The Mouse and The Winter Glove
Written by Kim Preston
Winter Story, Playgroup Story

Once upon a time, there lived a little brown mouse,
But the rain fell down and washed away his house.

He ran into the bush and found a snug wee glove;
Then down flew an owl from the gum-tree above”

“Please, is there room for me in your house?”
“Yes, do come in”, said the little brwn mouse.

They all squeezed together, it was getting rather tight
When along came a fox and gave them all a fright:

“Don’t worry, little animals, I’ll do you no harm,
I only need some shelter to keep me dry and warm.”

So they all squashed up, as close as close can be,
Then – oh – I’m sorry to say ... there came a little flea!

“No room! No room! No room!” the animals all cried,
But the flea took no notice and jumped right inside.

Alas, the little glove-house could bear the strain no more;
It burst and split right open, as its seams ripped and tore.

The animals cried out – but soon they cheered “Hooray!”
For the golden sun came shining – and they all went off to play.

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