The Littlest Angel
Adapted by Jennifer McCormack
Birthday Stories

Once there was a little angel who lived in the heavens way up high above the rooftops, above the treetops, above the clouds and the stars, the moon and the sun. The little angel was happy in her heavenly home, but each day she would gaze down to earth and watch everything that happened. She looked at all the children playing together and wished and wished that she could join them.

“When will it be my turn to go and play on the earth?” she asked the Biggest Angel one day. The Biggest Angel took her hand and smiled. “One day” he said, “one day it will be your turn. First you will need to find your mother and father, and when you have done that I will show you the way down.”

So each day the little angel leaned over the edge of heaven and searched for her mother and her father. She wondered how she would know them! Every day she looked and looked until one day she gazed at a woman with (* describe parents) shining blond hair and a father who was very tall. They were (* describe their activities) working together in the garden of their house. When she looked at them it seemed as if the very stars sung inside her heart. They must be her mother and father!

Quickly she ran to tell the Biggest Angel. “Come quick!” she called, “I have found them! I am sure of it! Come and see!” She could still hear the song of the stars in her heart, and the Biggest Angel could hear it too.

“I will be sad to see you go, Little One,” said the Biggest Angel, “but it is your turn now. Let me take care of your wings, as you will not need them with your family. I will look after them until you come back.”

The Biggest Angel took the wings from the little angel and led her to the Rainbow Bridge. This was a glorious arc that shone in dazzling colours all the way to the earth from the heavens. The little angel gave the Biggest Angel a final hug and stepped on to the bridge. Down, down, she slid, all the way through red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, until the bridge led into a dark, dark tunnel. It was a little frightening in there but the little angel knew that her mother and father would be waiting for her at the other end. She leaned forward and landed in the arms of her mother. Her father and mother hugged her with love and promised to care for her always.

 Notes about the story:
·         Add details of the child’s personal situation: eg siblings, pets
·         Find out details of birth that could be added – eg born outside, in a pool...

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